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Fondue Machine

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Amazing and impressive This Chocolate Fountain is absolutely “must have” for a wedding, big birthday party or other special event with many guests. Hot chocolate flowing down the tiers is just mesmerizing and mind bending. This fondue will become a highlight of your party and provide the guests with amazing experience. Easy to set up A successful location for this Chocolate Fondue Fountain would be any steady surface in the room. Just make sure there is an electric outlet around and enough space for several people to use the fountain simultaneously. After usage, the machine can be disassembled to be cleaned and stored. Complete self-service Once the fondue fountain is set up, you can forget about serving desserts to your guests. Just provide them with strawberries, marshmallow, grapes, cheese and other treats to dip into chocolate. Don’t forget skewers or toothpicks as well as a rubbish bin near the fountain to keep the space clean.

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