Koolertron Portable Carbon Fiber Camera Slider Dolly Track with 4 Roller Bearing for Video Movie Photography Making Stabilizing


Made of Carbon Fiber & Aluminum Alloy, Only 11.8 inches/ 30 centimeters Mini Video Slider. Multiple 1/4 inch & 3/8 inch screw holes on both ends & middle for multiple mounting options; Can be used on Table Top, Tripod or Light Stand. 4 precision bearing stable construction can achieve more smoothly sliding & help create a smooth, noiseless video & image. With 5.8-8.8cm Width Cellphone Holder, enables professional-quality motion control for a range of supported iPhone, Samsung, Huawei Smartphone, cameras, camcorders, & DSLR cameras A bubble level to indicate your slanting degree. 2 threaded holes at each end of the track to mount tripod for vertical shooting. 5 threaded holes in the fixed plate to mount tripod for horizontal & even 45-degree shooting. 4 threaded holes in slider plate to mount other accessories to enrich your photo quality Includes:1 x Camera tracking Slider + 1 x Carrying Case

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