Cancellation Policy 

Cancellation of a Reservation Request or of a Rental Listing can be done within the Member Account.
The Renter may cancel a Reservation Request before it has been accepted by the Owner, at no cost. If a Retainer Fee has been requested by the Owner, this amount will not be charged to them when such a cancellation occurs.
Once a Reservation Request has been accepted by an Owner, the Renter might still have the option to cancel the rental and the corresponding Rental Agreement, depending on the terms of the Rental Agreement. However, if a Retainer Fee has already been charged, the Renter cannot be reimbursed for it.
If a Rental Transaction is cancelled by the Owner after having been previously accepted, the Renter can contact Rentls directly via the Contact Us button if the Renter suspects bad faith or other abuse, and can otherwise leave feedback about the Owner.